Dear Readers!
Santa Claus tale,  Santa's poem,  Santa's song, Santa Claus sms categories
upload race started. Later depart for the Christmas, New Year holiday of categories well.
Categories announce a winner in the current language in any of three basic, so in Hungarian, German, and English are also accepted uploads.
All winners will be rewarded with a musical, dancing, about 30 cm high powered Santa Claus figure.
That's the absolute category winner who spends the majority of items in the category quantified.
After the simple registering,  user menu has also initiated the upload, please listen out there that are not doubled over, so if you want to upload a story or poem, what else has done before you, the moderators will delete the new one.
Good luck, good upload, and wish everyone a successful competition.
The prizes awarded 2014th 11th 25th happens, and the first round is completed.
The winners of the prizes no later than Dec.6. MPL shall be given up by courier.

Santa Claus and the Elves their assistants